Yossi has played on many albums throughout his successful career.  Here are some of the highlights…

Rubén Blades – Nothing But the Truth (1988, Wounded Bird Records)

Stanley Jordan – Cornucopia (1990, Blue Note Records)

David Bowie – Outside (1995, Arista/BMG)

Noa – Calling (1996, Geffen Records)

Karsh Kale – Realize (2001, Six Degrees Records)

Deepak Chopra– A Gift of Love, Vol. 2 (2002, Tommy Boy Records)

Karsh Kale – Broken English (2006, Six Degrees Records)

Cheb i Sabbah – Devotion (2008, Six Degrees Records)

Vieux Farka Touré – Fondo (2009, Six Degrees Records)

Vieux Farka Touré – Live (2010, Six Degrees Records)

The Touré-Raichel Collective – The Tel Aviv Session (2012, Cumbancha)

Ernest Ranglin & Avila Avila, (Avila Street Records 2012) 

Ernest Ranglin & Avila Bless Up (Avila Street Records 2014)

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The landscape he paints are orchestral, lush and textured”…He relies as much on what’s not played as what is; hence his understanding of concepts like space and gravity are naturally embedded into his art…One minute strains of Jaco Pastorius emerges; a few beats later, a throbbing white wall that would make Les Claypool Shake in his head before dropping into a dub groove reminiscent of Robbie Shakespeare.

Derik Beres

Yossi is to Bass as Funk is to Hip Hop.

Bass is one of the few instruments that is self-described by its sound. The sound can work wonders on so many levels by exploring and understanding the nature of sound.

Yossi Fine

Yossi’s essentials of bass…

  1. Make it feel great, by any means.

  2. Leave lots of space, on some level, like sound, notes.

  3. Make the singer sound great. Also the drummer.

  4. If you don’t sound good, it’s your responsibility, so be in charge of your sound.

  5. Be very open to change your approach. Someone else might have a better basslinefor you than you.